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Friday, August 5, 2011

First Post

First a bit about me.
As of this writing I am 33 years old.  Just to give you some perspective.  My parents own an automotive parts store and shop, so I grew up around cars.  To steal a phrase from one of my friends, I am a hobby addict.  I have been into boats, cars, racing, jeeps, motorcycles, brewing beer, cooking, computers… I could go on and on.  Any most of the things I am into I am still into but maybe with a bit less motivation.  My wife is a saint.
Since college I have dreamed of building a car and designing 100% of it.  While a locost doesn’t get me all the way to that goal I feel it is a good first step.  I am also a Colin Chapman fan.  So building a car inspired by one of his early works also seems like a good thing.
Next Steps
Plan.  I am not a small guy and this is a small car.  So I am going to base my chassis on the McSorley 442E.  The drawings for this chassis and others is available at
I am working on drawing up the chassis in CAD now.  I would like to use a Miata as a good bit of the donor.  I plan to make the chassis have the same suspension pickup points as the Miata.  Once I get this drawing up I will post pictures here.